Bird and Bear and Hare and Fish

Rachel. 23. Sometimes when I'm doing boring homework I pretend that I'm a cadet in Starfleet Academy doing a paper on old Earth customs. I drink lots of wine and have a lot of emotions. Come on over and we'll talk about our favorite dwarves.

anyone who says that drugs wont make you happy clearly dont know what they’re talking about because my weed dealer has a chinchilla and he lets me pet it every time I’m over there

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Sophie Turner - GoT S4 Premiere {Paris 2014}

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Brandon Cohen Designs


Cheers! Thanks for the cred and looking at my work!

Love these designs! Check out Brandon’s awesome interpretations of the Flame Princess and Marceline, too!

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jessicamiriamdrew replied to your post: My mom called and asked “Are you comin…

More importantly my birthday is that day

your birthday is 4/20?

no wonder you’re so….

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My mom called and asked “Are you coming home for Easter?” and I was baffled for a moment like why would I come to visit specifically for Easter??? I sort of forgot that Easter is actually a holiday that people actively celebrate and not just the time of year where you can buy Cadbury eggs

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